2020 marks the 55th year since our graduation from Central. Plans are being made to celebrate that event. The weekend of May 15-17 (Friday through Sunday) has been selected. This weekend is after Mother's Day and before Memorial Day. This choice was briefly mentioned in a prior correspondence dated March 19, 2019.


For those planning on attending, we ask that you complete this brief survey ASAP or by October 1, 2019. (We know, this is not much time.) We realize the impossibility of satisfying everyone's desires. We have spoken with numerous classmates and referred to the survey taken before the 70th Birthday Party dinner. One question on that survey asked for suggestions for a possible venue. Answers included hotels in a) downtown Philadelphia, b) near the airport, c) at the Jersey shore, d) Vegas Baby!, and e) The Uptown Home for the Helpless.https://www.classcreator.com/Philadelphia-Pennsylvania-Central-1965/member_survey_form.cfm?SurveyID=25450 We have opted for a hotel/venue in downtown Philadelphia, site to be determined.

Guests will be at your discretion.

Similar to the 70th Birthday Party, only one major gathering is currently planned, although rumor has it that a Sunday brunch may be in the works.

Due to our advancing age and/or infirmities, we would like to know if you would prefer an evening (Friday or Saturday) or afternoon (Saturday) event. Keep in mind an evening party would be more expensive. To keep costs manageable and recognizing that many of us do not imbide alcohol, we plan on having a cash bar ( soft drinks will be included).

Please indicate the maximum you would pay (per person) for the event.

The final box is for any comments you might have.

Thank you in advance.

The Management

PS. Unlike the College Boards, there are no right or wrong answers. Also, this survey is untimed, and you don't have to hire some expensive know-it-all to fill it out. Nor do we ask you to submit photos of you doing neat extracurricular activities (like paragliding in the Azores or nuking a hurricane) to earn brownie points (although you can, if you so desire). But seriously, if you change your mind concerning an answer, simply resubmit this form with the changed response.


***POSTED SEPT 20,2019***





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