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•   Michael Cyzewski  11/23
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•   David Kauffman  11/18
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•   Frank S James  12/19
•   Michael (Boz) Bosniak  12/22
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•   Edward Kerson  12/24
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email from Class Sponsor, Harold Zeitz

From: Harold Zeitz <>
Sent: Friday, November 22, 2019 2:21 PM
To: <>
Subject: Re: 55th reunion - The date is set


While I can't be with you, my love will always. Today I celebrate my 89th birthday, and I did it with a decent round of golf topped off with a birdie on the last hole. I am in Boynton Beach. My cell phone # 215 480 7340.


Please give my love to all, and know that the 224th class was among the most important and satisfying experiences of my entire life.


Harold (Uncle Howie) Zeitz

Harold Zeitz



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Just saw Ain't to proud..the new musical about
The Temptations in New York last night.
Go see it it is great entertainment

Wishing everyone's great Thanksgiving

Steve Friedman


***POSTED NOVEMBER 23, 2019***


Contributed by David Kaufman

My wife and I went to Buenos Aires this past week for her 50th high school reunion. She left Argentina in 1968, not having seen her friends for 51 years.

Imagine being in the best part of high school, then completely starting over. She went to Overbrook for her senior year, then on to Temple.

In Argentina, my wife went to public school (Normal) in the morning and Jewish school in the afternoon. The reunion was for the Jewish school, but she also had lunch with a group of girls from the Normal school.

On Thursday Monica went to a woman's apartment and had tea with ten of them. Monica, as well as others, came to Buenos Aires with uncertain emotions. These women left because their parents feared economic and political persecution, as well as anti-Semitism. Many had not seen each other for years. They spent hours discussing their feelings to be back. Almost half the class from the Jewish school are now living in Israel, Peru, Mexico, and the USA.

Friday night we gathered at a synagogue, the rabbi was one of the fellow students. Saturday night was the actual reunion. I do not speak Spanish, but I enjoyed watching the interaction of Monica and her classmates. It was warm and loving. Her classmates seemed like really nice people, and in those 50 years went through the ups and downs that we all we have, as well as those we cannot imagine because we live in the USA.

I bring this up because we continue to see each other, whether at CinCin, Margate, Florida, or at our official reunions, and keep our friendships. It is important to me, especially after having been with Monica last week, that we enjoy these experiences now and keep them as part of our present lives and past memories. They were an important part of our growing up and becoming men.

We were a special class and I am proud of it.


  **** Posted November 16, 2019 ****



 From Mike Kraynyak:  

To my 224 Brothers:

At our recent get together at Cincin last Thursday, I informed the group that our fellow classmate, Alan Deitch was unable to attend due to some aggravated health problems. I know he would enjoy hearing from as many of you as possible, and I would like to encourage all of you to do so. I am including his email and mailing addresses below,. The 224 is a very special group of men, and reaching out to a fellow classmate to let him know we care about him would only reinforce this.

Thanks for your concern,
Mike Kraynyak, #82

Alan Deitch
Manor Care Health Services
640 Bethlehem Pike
Montgomeryville, PA 18936



Posted November 10, 2019