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•   Larry Glass  3/28
•   Eric W Bray  3/27
•   Steven B Gross  3/25
•   Robert (Bob) J McMorland  3/24
•   Scott Geller  3/23
•   Stanton Cohen  3/23
•   David Perloff  3/23
•   Dennis Freeman  3/18
•   Alan I Golombek  3/17
•   William Owen  3/7
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 63.3%

A:   314   Joined
B:   182   Not Joined


•   Kenneth W Mallin  3/28
•   Charles Rabb  4/2
•   Douglas Harr  4/4
•   Michael Cyzewski  4/5
•   Marc S Weisberg  4/5
•   Richard DiMartino  4/8
•   Arnold Dutton  4/8
•   Dan Estersohn  4/8
•   Thomas Ruben  4/9
•   Dean Leis  4/12
•   David Herman  4/14
•   Farrell Bloch  4/16
•   Stuart (Skip) A Cilo  4/16
•   Jacob (Dan) Kanofsky  4/16
•   John Lusaitis  4/19
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for Obituary on

 William Harper


The following was printed in the

Philadelphia Inquirer on March 18, 2020.


If you want to contact Ron, sent a note

from his Personal Page, since he is not 

a regular consumer of news on this site.


   55th Reunion Update  

The 55th Reunion scheduled for May 16, 2020 has been postponed indefinitely. Depending on how the coronavirus pandemic evolves, we might reschedule the event for October of this year. However, it most likely will be delayed until the Spring of 2021. In the meantime, follow the guidelines of the CDC since we are all at high risk at least due to age.

For those who would like their money refunded, please contact Ron Rosen at: 

Otherwise, your cash will be held and rolled over to the rescheduled event. For refunds, be sure to include your address.

****POSTED MARCH 15, 2020****

Addendum: As per governmental request, Ron Rosen has closed his office indefinitely and is limited in what he is able to do. Therefore, the default will be to roll the money over until the next reunion, unless there is a financial hardship.

***POSTED MARCH 18, 2020*** 




The above letter to the Editor

was recently printed in the

Philadelphia Inquirer.


Copy and paste the following link to read

about classmate Burt/Bob Cohen

and his work with JEVS.



Here's a link to more information about JEVS.


The following cartoon was spotted by eagle eye David Perloff in the Boston Globe newspaper . The cartoon also appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Note the date. Coincidence?






Video montage from the 60's can be found at:




To view poem The Colussus on The Hill

 by classmate Stanley Fogel  click below: 

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Contributed by Dennis Freeman

William Harper

My name is Monica Martin and I am Bill Harper's daughter. I would like to thank each and everyone for all the love, support and respect shown to my Dad. His death was diabetes related. He was home with family when he departed this life.
Due to the coronavirus restrictions, there will be no viewing or traditional funeral. He will be laid to rest with the Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, and Sailors that have gone before him. He will receive the military honors he deserved so very long ago. Regrettably, this ceremony will be private. Again, due to the coronavirus restrictions.
Myself, my sister, Jazz Hechoseme Ktfu, and brother William (Dre) Harper, thank you for your condolences and understanding during this difficult time. We love the stories and post. God bless you all.