Website Rules

This site was established prior to our 50th reunion " to re-establish long lost high school bonds" (see WELCOME TO OUR SITE on the black band at top for this reference. The quote is near the end of that screed, highlighted in yellow). The site was not designed to be a political forum. Of late, there have been many postings that I feel are inappropriate or worse. More than a few of you guys have voiced that concern to me as well. The function of the WHAT'S NEW page is to keep classmates informed of personal and class events. I repeat, the WHAT'S NEW page is NOT a political blog.

For those who wish to discuss politics and other red hot issues, use the FORUMS page on this site. Look at the black column to the left. FORUMS is located just below IN MEMORY. Going forward, any type of political comment MUST BE ENTERED in the FORUMS section. If someone posts something in WHAT'S NEW that is unacceptible, that comment will be DELETED. ERASED. GONE. If you are like me, typing is a real challenge, so it would be a pity if your effort were wiped out with a single keystroke.

I have agonized over this issue for many months. I do not want to be the person who decides what is and what is not appropriate. Until some guys step up and assume that responsibility, I will play the heavy. Please note that I have a very itchy DELETE finger from months of self imposed restraint.

So I am asking for volunteers to act as monitors. I think three guys, acting as a group, would be fine. That small group would decide if something posted on WHAT'S NEW  is OK. If they decide it's not, the posting will be DELETED. Hopefully, guys from all parts of the political spectrum will volunteer to serve as a monitor. Ideally, more than three guys will voice interest, in which case we could have a rotating group.  If interested, send me a message via MESSAGE CENTER or via my Personal Page.

The Management

***POSTED SEPTEMBER 24, 2019***