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  224 Lawyers –- 

  the Central Mock Trial Team Needs your Help  


One point. That was the margin by which perennial power, Roman Catholic High School, defeated Central to win last year’s citywide high school mock trial championship. Lina Bader, Central’s faculty mock trial sponsor, is determined to see a different result this year. And with all of her top performers from last year’s team returning for their senior year (Class 278), bringing this year’s championship to Central is not an unrealistic expectation.


Ms. Bader met with several members of the 224 just before the current school year started. She genuinely believes her kids to be more skilled trial advocates than those who compete for Roman. However, she explained that Roman is consistently dominant largely because of the group of attorney alumni who volunteer to coach and to assist the team.


Ms. Bader is actually a biology teacher, and apparently an excellent one. But she is not a lawyer. She feels that if she could just get some help from some alumni lawyers, Central could easily take over the top spot. The kids need assistance with objections, cross-examination, witness preparation, and even such rudimentary matters as where to stand in the courtroom.


This 224 Website has made abundantly clear that the vast majority of us feel tremendous appreciation for the high school experience we had at Central. If you are a lawyer with trial skills, and a little bit of time to spare, this is a great opportunity to give something back. 


Please contact Ms. Bader at Lbader@philasd.org. She will coordinate your efforts to assist the Central Mock Trial Team. And I can assure you that the experience will be a great one for you.


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Editor Note: Please notify Ben and/or Michael Rieder to facilitate coordination and receive recognition of your commitment.


***POSTED SEPTEMBER 2, 2018***