UPDATE 224Ward Fund

Here's a brief summary of how your altruism has benefited the current Central students. Briefly, approximately $117K  of the $224K donated has been distributed . Approximately $88K has funded 3 major projects, while $29K has been gifted in 17 smaller grants. Click on the following blue link for more details. Special kudos to  Frank Cipparone (text) and  Barry Drossner   (illustrations) for serving as major honchos in compiling this document. 


224Ward Fund



 News about 224 gatherings 

From Alan Tuckerman -from recent web site posting:

Gentlemen. Nah. Guys. It’s inconceivable that there has never been a 224 dinner in NYC. There have been events in Margat and Boca Raton facrissakes. So let’s try. Please send an email to alantuckerman@gmail.com if you’re interested in an event in May. I will arbitrarily choose Sunday May 19 for a luncheon. Gentlemen start your engines.


 Save The  Weekend 

Tentative time for  55th Reunion Bash  is the weekend of May 15-17, 2020. This is the weekend after Mother's Day. More information to follow....


***POSTED MARCH 19, 2019***