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When  I started  composing this screed, I wanted to offer some advice so that you would avoid some of the pitfalls, consternation, and time fritterring errors I experienced while learning this site. However, I got carried away in places. You'll know where. I hope what I wrote does not offend, insult, or bore anyone. If it does, I apologize in advance. Instead of this message being merely an instruction guide, it has morphed into a somewhat stream of consciousness rambling, Please hang in. There actually are some important points that I will try to make. As was more elegantly described in the essay written by a college fraternity brother of mine (In Praise of 50th High School Reunions), when you get to your 50th reunion, you should no longer have agendas or facades . So what you will get here is me being honest . And sincere. And reflective. And more reflective. No agenda. Just straight from the heart. After all these years, I'm finally achieving enlightenment, learning to say what I really think. My wife, once again extinguishing my illusions, says that it actually is a sign of old age. Old age? Nah...that can't be right....we'll always be 18, right?

So, in no particular order:

Site architecture: Across the top of each page are five links . The left hand column is divided into two sections. The links above the red banner , along with those horizontally displayed along the top are the ones you will use most often. The links below the red banner are mainly used to change your demographic information or change your preferences for receiving information from the site. This format most likely will not change. 

The first time you go onto a person's profile page, all the information that he has entered will be displayed. The next time you look at that person's page , some of the information will be hidden. If you want to view all the information again, click a tab at the top that says: Show [His name]'s Profile Questions and Answers. This applies to your own profile page as well. If you want to receive updates when people modify their profiles, you can chose that option by clicking on Notify Me . Scroll down that page to Profile Subscription and make the changes.

People can post unlimited photos/images to their profile page. They get stacked in the upper right hand corner with a number that indicates how many images have been posted. If you click on the word Photo or the number, all of the images will be displayed. You can then scroll down the page to view them.

You are encouraged to post photos. LOTS of them.  Don't you want to share how good we all looked in those "days gone by, those glorious days of old"? Wearing madras shirts, with belts snugly tightened above the level of our bellybutton. Or sporting maroon or navy blue V-necked sweaters tucked into our kakhi pants. I believe that was considered the "conserve" look. How about high black Chuck Taylor sneaks? Eh? Good stuff, no?  Just don't be caught wearing Bo-bos. Letter sweaters were cool. Still are. (Anyone planning on wearing his to the reunion? Do you still have it? Does it still fit?) Or photos of your childhood, especially if it contained other guys in our class, too. New photos are OK.You might choose to document important life events . Like your children or grandchildren, or you and your significant other being married or on vacation, or you wearing some dopey clown outfit suspended over a dunking tank at a fund raising event for your favorite charity. Almost anything non-pornographic is acceptable. Porn is a no-no. That's what the Web is for, right? Please note: Before posting them, you might consider having some of the more recent photos schedule a visit with Dr. Photoshop... if you get my drift...

Regarding filling out personal profiles: There may be a question that does not apply to you, or, you choose not to answer that question. Not to worry. This is not an examination. If it were, we'd be sending you all blue books. (Are these still used today?) Besides, who would grade those blue books? Dr. Cades? How many of us could pass mustard in his class today? I believe he was lovingly referred to as Ming the Merciless. I'd rather have my blue book graded by Mr. Logan. Richie Logan. What a trip. He loved coming to school and most of us loved being in his class. Do you remember when someone got unruly he would pull their ear and say all sorts of crazy things... Sorry. Got carried away...Sadly,I believe Mr. Logan is no longer with us. But back to the point... Rest assured any comment box that you leave blank will not show up on your profile page. If Cades were running this, he would likely deduct points from your remarks, but we're lenient...we're in the same boat... we grade on a curve, like the  teacher perennially voted fairest marker, Mr. Norman Brous. I'm told that if you played your cards correctly, Mr. Brous would actually do the test problems for you. How about Mr. William Brooks, AKA Wild Bill. I remember the time he called someone a "slimy goat". Yea, that would go over well today. Remember the history teacher who would bellow out in a WC Fields-like voice,"If you don't read, you don't learn. If you don't learn, you don't pass. If you don't,,,  etc.." Remember the conclusion of this rant? How about the instructor's name? Anyone?... Anyone? 

 And how about those others masters that helped shape us into the men we are today...Warshaw, Caplan, Luongo, Sapolsky, Horan, Ostrow, Gill, Dove, Mulloy, Soslow, Kravitz, Hamm, Keynes, Caponigro,to name but a few... The list goes on and on. And who could ever forget Dr. Carlisle or Mr. Disharoon, both of whom had a love affair with our class, and we with them. How very lucky we were.  Then there was a certain biology teacher, who shall remain anonomous, who told us that masterbation uses up about 75 calories. He didn't mention going blind, however. But can you imagine telling a group of testoserone overdosed, undersexed, bug-eyed teenage males that? Not that it applied to me, of course. Coincidentally the next day I overhead one of the cafeteria ladies say the sales of cheesesteaks and Tastykakes were up 69%. 

You have the ability to edit things about you that were entered incorrectly. Or, if you decide to modify thing you're written you can. In other words, you can't make a mistake. It may have taken us 50 years, but we've finally made it.

The following is difficult to accept, but needs to be confronted. Today (Feb 20, 2015), we received news of the passing of our most recently departed classmate, Dr. Vernon Morley, DMD. Vernon died only days ago, on Sunday, February 15, 2015. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Another good guy taken from us. Too many. Some night when you're at home alone, slowly and thoughtfully read the list of names on the In Memory page . You'll see. Vernon had to be a good man...he was a Central guy....a part of the 24 forever.

As the guys involved with rounding up old classmates can attest, we are discovering more and more classmates no longer with us. The total deceased now numbers more than 70. This is extremely saddening , and sobering. We intend to recognize their lives. One way to honor them will be to complete bios on their personal profile pages on this site. Like we are doing for ourselves. We need someone to speak up for them. This will require help from all you guys.....here I'm talking to those of you who knew these classmates well. Old friends...the best kind...those who know our foibles and don't care...the kind you don't have to "act" in front of. These guys should not be forgotten .We'll communicate more about this memorial concept on another page on this site. We hope to complete it well before our reunion in June. 

It is hard to conceive of guys who you can still see in your mind"s eye running on the blacktop , earning recognition for outstanding academic achievement, goofing around in class, receiving an award for some unique contribution to the school, or just hanging out on the South Lawn as gone. Words fail to express the nearly overwhelming sadness. It's very important that you guys show up for our reunion. Call old friends and drag them back. Get a committment. Meet them at the Eagle on the Thursday before the main event. Or at the zoo, or the Barnes Museum, or in front of Berts. Oh, I forgot.. scratch that last location...Berts is long gone. Or make new friends.You'll be surprised how much you have in common with other guys, guys that you might not have known back then. From the feed back we've been receiving hunting down the lost boys, guys are thrilled to be discovered. They want to know about you, what you've been doing . You guys, individually and collectively, are incredibly interesting . Pretty smart, too.  Share your stories with us. Get back to where you once and still belong. As added incentive, know that we have preliminary commitments from classmates currently living in Austria (AH), Spain (SC), and Israel (ME).

Another plea: The photos displayed in the PHOTO GALLERY on this site were obtained either from our yearbook or from an old, dusty cardboard box I had misplaced under old socks and discarded Topps baseball card wrappers, in the back of some closet in my basement. (Is that a run on sentence? More importantly, how many of you had old baseball cards, probably secured by dehydrated stringy rubber bands , that your parents discarded when they decided to downsize and move to Florida? Oh, the humanity!) We need more photos to grace these pages. Pictures of you, you and your prior BFF, or a small group of guys would be better uploaded to your personal profile page. If you have pictures of larger groups of guys, send them to us and we'll place them front and center. Full disclosure: I get to be the final arbiter of where your photos belong.

There is a grouping of photos in the PHOTO GALLERY page that recognizes the MAJOR unsung heroes of this reunion. Without the unswerving help and expertise of David Perloff, Mark Lipshutz, Danny Goldberg, Jeffery Sprowles, and Bruce Zoren (among others) our reunion would not be happening. These guys have willingly given their time to assemble class lists, phone people all over the map, and track down our lost boys. One would think that searching for someone with an uncommon name would be easy. Turns out almost no one has an uncommon name.

David Perloff is an IT guru nonparell. Since David lives outside Boston, realize his time would have been better spent shoveling snow off his roof. I understand he's opening a togbogan run from his second floor bedroom window. During his free time away from the ice pick, snow shovel, and hot tottie (not too much of that stuff bro) he had to deal with an incredible amount of tedious data entry stuff. Now I may be wrong, but I believe the horrendous New England winter is Mother Nature's payback for deflategate. Regrettably, David (along with other classmates living in that area) had to suffer the sins of the {insert adjective} Patriots as well as the team's true believers did. All I want to know is what the {insert noun} was Pete Carroll thinking??*%?!#?  BTW some of what I wrote about David is true.

 Mark is our other IT guy. Incredibly detail oriented . Mind like a steel trap. Elephants ask him about things they cannot remember. He was able to recall the names of ALL the kids in our 8th grade class at Leeds Junior High. I have trouble remembering to breathe sometimes. I had the pleasure of teaching mathematics with Mark at Central High in the 70's. Yes, OUR Central High School. You may remember (you know that Mark certainly does) that Welcome Back Kotter was a popular TV show at that time. Kotter (Gabe Kaplan) returned to teach at his old high school.  So Mark and I became a Kotter duo, sort of like Thing One and Thing Two. 

Jeff provided a steading influence , keeping the search moving forward and almost everyone on point with his sometimes borderline acerbic comments. But the can-do attitude he displayed is not surprising, since Jeff always seemed to have things figured out. Even in high school Jeff was ahead of the curve. Can you image thinking soccer was actually a real sport back then?  But I must say, I am somewhat concerned that Jeff may be showing signs of early traumatic brain injury, likely due to the too numerous to count microtraumas he suffered heading soccer balls over the years. Why do I suspect that? Well, it turns out that Jeff recently found out that he is Jewish. He was initially stunned, but as the shock wore off he avidly embraced his new found identity, realizing the proud lineage of which he is now a part. But get this, now he can't wait to be circumcised!

Danny, the eternal class clown, provided much needed levity. This was especially appreciated as we witnessed the list of the departed painfully increasing. Danny has been very busy with an unusually heavy academic load at Penn State.(The students load, not his.) He has been somewhat handcuffed, and unable to throw himself into the reunion frenzy as he usually does. Danny's main issue now is satisfying his 40-some year old woman. Maybe that's why he keeps uttering the words "handcuffs" and "frenzy"? Hats off to you bro. You go boy.

As for Bruce, all I can say is if you ever need to track someone down, he's the man you want. Columbo studied in Bruce's atelier. Mike Hammer worshiped at Bruce's feet, frequently licking his bootstraps. It's rumored that Kojak stole his famous line -Who loves you baby?- from our Dr. Zoren. Bruce also pens hilarious emails. We can copy you on some if you'd like.I told him he was a combination of Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams, and Monty Python. He has a beautiful mind, sort of like John Nash. Only in a different way. Like in the movie Forrest Gump when the doctor tells Mrs. Gump, "Your boy is...different."

But seriously, some of you guys reading this rambling mess would still be undiscovered, hiding out in plain sight, if it weren't for this group of men. We are eternally grateful for the team's unflinching loyalty to Central and moreso to the guys of the 24. Teamwork..isn't that what it's all about? As Danny always says, we are all brothers.

                      We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

                      William Shakespeare, Henry V  Act IV  Scene iii 


Viewing images in the PHOTO GALLERY:

**Images are stacked within each collection. 

**Click on a stack to open it.

**If you do nothing else, you can view the images as is. Not a good idea since the images are rather small.

**If you click on an image, it will enlarge.

**If you do nothing else, the images will then procede to be displayed in a SLIDESHOW format.

**You can stop the SLIDESHOW any time you want by clicking the correct button in the upper left corner.

**You can toggle back and forth between the images by using the correct buttons in the upper left corner.

**To view another stack, close the open image ( the X button on top right),then click Return to Galleries on upper right of PHOTO GALLERY page.

I don't know why I wrote all this. You could figure it out. You're Central boys.


Now for the meat of the matter. Most of what went before was commentary. Time to address the nitty-gritty, the down-and-dirty stuff. Generally speaking, guys do not communicate as well as women. They really are superior to us in that area. Driving a car or giving directions, not so much. We Y chromosomes shy away from the touchy-feely things. Consider now we are at a truly significant milestone in our lives. The calendar months keep flipping past faster and faster. If you haven't pondered this 50th anniversary much, you'd better start. It's time to consider what happened to that seemingly carefree boy of yesteryear. What happened to all those plans and dreams. Maybe they panned out, maybe they didn't, or didn't to the degree you expected. Know that virtually everyone's arc through life fails to follow the path upon which it was launched. Or maybe it was never launched, or you forgot to aim, or you didn't know how..you just stumbled along doing the best you could with the hand and circumstances you were dealt. Trust me, we don't care how successful or how decrepit you think you might be. We have guys whose rapier tongue can cut to the quick, leveling the playing field so we're all equals...guys of the 24. But we need to hear your stories. Tell us about your journey through life...speak to what is important to you, be it career, family, hobbies, fears, regrets, what you might change if you could...you get the idea. You went to Central. You might divulge a new found interest/passion/love and discover a fellow classmate whose interests intersect with yours. Wouldn't that be great?

On your profile page you will find a series of open ended questions. Answer them as you wish.Think of the questions merely as suggestions. Perhaps ways of organizing what you wish to say. Filling in the blanks is up to you.It's your story. It's your life. Rest assured people want to read what you write. BTW, Cades wants me to remind you that spelling ,grammar, and punctuation count.

There will be a question regarding our time together at Central. Once again, you decide how to handle this. For many guys Central was best time of their life. Challenged academically, athletically and/or socially for the first time , many guys achieved things they did not think possible. Some were indifferent at Central, possibly missing some part of the experience through no fault of their own. Others say blech, my parents forced me to attend. Organizers of recent 50th  year reunions say some guys became very emotional answering such questions, pouring out their hearts and souls. Their years at Central were extraordinarily special. Confessions like this are usually the provence of the female of our species.

Another thought. Not all our classmates will be able to attend the reunion. However, all classmates have the opportunity to sign up on this site and participate in our information exchange. With such sharing, we would  know the answers when someone asks, "I wonder what happened to old so-and-so, you know, the guy that keyed Carlisle's car", or "Old Fred always wanted be become a gyncologist in Beverly Hills. I wonder where he is now." ,or, "Who the hell painted the numbers 2-2-4 on the walkway out by the South Lawn?" Who could it be.....Satan?

So write. No, rather first think. Then write.Tell us what has and what is happening. No pressure. No big whoop. Hakuna Matata. This is not a test. Remember, no blue books. And oh yea, no BS either.



Our reunion will be great! No doubt.You just gotta be sure to be there. And your friends too. Start phoning people. If they're wishy-washy, badger them until they cave under the pressure. You can do it. Organize car pools from Colorado. Or lease taxis from Tampa. Or hire dog sleds from Denver. Whatever. Just do it.


Hopefully you have made it this far. Thanks for humoring me. You put up with a lot of my ramblings. I must say I really had fun writing this stuff. Several times I'd LOL at what I was writing. My wife thinks I'm strange. Who laughs at their own jokes?  She says I can't have a sense of humor.... I'm German. You're probably thinking, yea, you had more fun than I had reading this dreck. That's fine. I'm not apologizing...I did that way back in the first paragraph. (Go back and check if you don"t believe me.).

This essay, along with the building of this site, has been a labor of love.(Cue the violins.) This is my gift to you. A love letter to, and about, Central, and about the men who make it great. You guys are extraordinary and I thought this might be a way of repaying you all for choosing me to be your president way back when. After all, I really haven't done much for the class in 50 years.(Some might say ,"How about ever!") I would like to quote Walter Cronkite. You remember him . He was a television news caster when TVs were in black and white and you could trust what those talking heads were telling you. He said, "We are not educated well enough to perform the necessary act of intelligently selecting our leaders. " Now there's a man who knew what he was talking about. 

Anyway, I thought our Web site would be a terrific way to re-establish long lost high school bonds. And enter the 21st century, too. It's maddening when an 8 year old child is more facile with a machine than you. We had, and still have, a great class. I'm proud to be a part of it. I'm humbled by the achievements of some of our classmates. I suspect that you guys are, too. I'm sure you all have friends that don't "get" what's so special about Central. How could they? But we do.

Finally, I'd like to thank the members of the reunion committee for giving me carte blanche as to the contents and construction of this site. (Funny, I'm writing this as my wife is watching the Academic Awards hoopla in another room.) You can also hold two members of the reunion committee (DG,RR) at least partially responsible for this long-winded rant, as they unwitting vetted part of this exposition. I saved their emails for proof. Their approval only hightened my enthusiasm. No one really told me I couldn't do this or I couldn't do that. In all likelihood they thought, let him do it if he wants. Well, I wanted to. Right from the heart.

So to again quote that avuncular old time newscaster, "And that's the way it is."

Michael Rieder

Epilogue Epilogue

Since I was addressing such an erudite group, I constantly had to refer to my Webster's New World College Dictionary and my Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus to find the correct words to convey my thoughts. Nuance is everything. Spelling was a real challenge as well. And typing was a disaster. You'll have to forgive me for any overloooked typos. One can only prooofread so much. You may not believe this, but I intentionally split some infinitives, dangled some participles, and ended sentences with a preposition. Just wanted to tweak  all those English teachers, published authors, obsessive compulsives, esteemed barristers, overworked physicians, and grammar geeks out there. You know who you are. Besides, if you can't play around with old friends, who can you with?