Grants from 224ward Fund


Our 224ward Fund has provided numerous wonderful opportunities for Central students to enrich their high school experience. Here are two examples of the kinds of extracurricular activities students have pursued.


 Tillie Donover, Class of 278, submitted a proposal to study in Spain this summer. As per her submission, she wanted " to develop my language skills, independence, confidence, and global outlook." She spent 4 weeks living with a family in Alicante, Spain on a high school student program sponsored by CIEE. Tillie was made aware of this program by her Spanish teacher,  Rachel Rodriguez.

The following link is the report she submitted to document her experience.



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This is a second example.

Social Studies teacher Mr Thomas Quinn applied for a grant  for 5 politically motivated students who had completed a year long AP course in US Government and Politics . The grant provided an opportunity for the students to spend a week in Washington DC, participating in a program called Up Close DC trip. As per the request, the program encouraged the students to interact with students from around the country and abroad, to study and debate US government and politics, to visit museums, monuments, and battlegrounds, to observe live congressional hearings and testimony on the House and Senate floor, and to meet personally with their members of Congress and congressional staff.

The first document in the following link is the grant proposal that Mr Quinn submitted. Student reaction to their week long immersion and thank you notes follow.



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***POSTED AUGUST 27, 2018***