End of 2018 Update

A short update on several relevant (hopefully) items.


1. There were several successful minireunions around the country, the most recent held in Philadelphia in November. Kudos to the organizers. Yamo yamo to the attendees. Our 55th year anniversary is coming up in 18 or so months. Plan on attending.


2. The 224ward Fund continues to support outstanding extracurricular activities for current Central students. A detailed description of funded events should be posted early next year. For anyone looking for ways to satisfy required minimum distributions, please consider this fund as an option. Operators are standing by.


3. I recently had an extended telephone conversation with Larry Glass. As you may recall, his participation on our site was terminated due to his inappropriate postings. I believe he now understands the tacit "rules" for this site. Therefore, his engagement will be renewed. This decision was made after consultation with several class members. We're about to begin a new year---we all should be offered a clean slate.


4. With respect to # 3, I am reminded of the Groucho Marx quip, which I will paraphrase: I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.


5. The Eagles survey posted before the season began elicited a whopping 16 responses!! I guess most of you guys had a premonition of how awful the season would play out. Although none of the prognostications can be assessed until the season ends, as of now Arnie Goldstein is the most astute predicting 1) Eagles not making the playoffs , 2) Dallas (ugh) winning the division, and 3) Eagles winning 9 games. Fly Eagles Fly.


6. Since we fancy ourselves as smart guys, I thought I would offer some recently read  books  that others might enjoy. I'm copying this list to the WHAT'S NEW page in hopes that others will contribute works they found worthwhile. Sort of like a book club without meeting for a discussion at some one's house for tea and crumpets.

In no particular order:

* Killers of the Flower Moon : The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI  David Grann

*Red Notice   Bill Browder

*Tailspin  Steven Brill

*The Geography of Bliss  Eric Weiner

*Bellevue   David Oshinsky

I am also reading some classics that we should have read at CHS or in college. Either I never read them, or forgot them, or only read the Cliff Notes. Whatever. Now I understand why they are classics and not to be missed. Why try some cheesy novel when you can immerse yourself in a work that has stood the test of time?

*To Kill A Mockingbird   Harper Lee

*All Quiet on the Western Front    Erich Maria Remarque


7. Best wishes for a HEALTHY and HAPPY 2019. Father time waits for no one, as regrettably noted by the recent passing of our Class Photographer Ian Field.

From Mahatma Gandhi:

Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Learn as if you were to live forever.


*****POSTED DEC 19, 2018*******