Two men have distinguished our class by having books recently published--Eli Goodman and Farrell Bloch.

Eli's first book, The White Horse, is represented below.

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His second, and most recent book, can be seen by clicking on the following link.


I believe this book will soon be available in print.


 Farrell's  latest book, Identity and Prejudice, has just been published by Mantua Books. Available on Amazon, the book addresses such timely topics as identity politics, intersectionality, political correctness, and white privilege, and includes unusual and provocative interpretations of past and current events. Click on the following link to see the cover.




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This book has already been briefly discussed on this site. To access that discussion, go to Farrell's Personal page.


To our knowledge, there is at least one additional published author (Neal Goldstein) in our class. We would be delighted and honored to publicize similar achievements by class members.


As pointed out by David Perloff, the late playwright Albert Innaurato was a member of our class.


****POSTED NOVEMBER 21, 2019****

*****ADDENDED NOVEMBER 22, 2019****